Photo-A-Day #751 04/29/07

Photoshopped Rose

I seem to be on an orange kick lately. Seriously I was going to post this picture….

Photo-A-Day #751b 04/29/07

It is of our new futon with the denim slipcover. The coolest thing about this is that the slipcover has pockets for remotes and also for wiimotes. Allison and I can play Excite Truck together quickly from the futon. Good stuff.

But today’s photo is of some roses that Allison go for Administrative Professionals day. They are on our mantel in the bedroom. That way the cats cannot get to them. It is a good thing too because the cats are looking for some trouble to start around here because they have been relegated to the back rooms of the house while the living room is worked on.

Dad patched the walls and I sanded the molding of the room. We are getting it ready for priming. And we had to empty it out so that we can get more furniture in the house. We have no desire to get the house full of dusty cat paws, and so the boys are in the back room.

Allison and I had a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel this morning. I can’t get enough of their thick cut bacon. I just love it. Then we did our shopping for the week. It is that time of year when everything we put in the freezer is going to be used up so that we can take advantage of the sales on grilling meats and chicken and whatnot. So many frozen delights will be eaten in the coming week.

Oh yes today’s photo. I set my camera to color accent and then I played in Photoshop for a while. I liked how this came out and wanted to share it with everyone.

6 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #751 04/29/07”

  1. You made a good choice in changing from the futon to the picture of the rose. The picture is pretty, I think it works even better when you view it from afar. For example I find the smaller version on your Buzznet button even better than the bigger one.

  2. Thanks , I post all photos at a 450px X 350px and I see that the little photo does look very nice as well. Welcome to my blog.

  3. My sister has a 35mm I think. I’m trying to ‘borrow’ it from her, lol. Perhaps I’ll be asking you some questions on tips on how to take pictures or utilize the camera and what not. :p

  4. by working in an upholstery shop for the last few years, I would say that having a pocket for the remote controls is a very cool idea. I will have to put it on some of our custom pieces from now on as a “add-on”

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