Photo-A-Day #750 04/28/07

Happy Birthday Aunt Candy!

Today we celebrated my Aunt Candy’s 50th birthday. We had a big party over at Aunt Corrine and Uncle Jeff’s place. Allison took Aunt Candy out to go shopping for the afternoon to get together and also to bring Aunt Candy to the party. Many of the people in the family were there. It was very nice to see everyone. And it was also a very special to get together and catch everyone’s reaction to the Big News that Allison and I have.

We’re Expecting!

My Uncle Dave told me that he still has the changing table from his kids which incidentally is the same one that was mine which was built by my father. And since my dad builds things to last it is in great shape and Uncle Dave saved it for us. He’s going to clean it up and give it to us. I am so excited to have that piece of family history for my own kids. I won’t be so thrilled when it comes time for changing them but hey I’m thrilled now.

Earlier in the day Dad and I took a bureau with matching mirror, 2 couches, 2 nightstands, a headboard, a lingerie chest, and another bureau to St. Vincent De Paul. The future living room is getting cleaned out so that we can prep it for painting.

After that I stopped by Wild Time Comics and Newbury Comics to get my comics as well as pick up the latest run of Wonder Woman for Allison. One of the authors that she really enjoys, Jodi Picoult is writing 6 issues of the comic, starting with issues #6. But I can’t have Allison starting a comic in the middle so I got her issues 2-8. I still have to find issue # and I’ll drop Chris at Double Midnight Comics a note to see if he has it and if I can get it next weekend. Next Weekend is Free comic book day. May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, go to your local comic book store and pick up a free comic book.

Tonight when we got home we assembled the futon from IKEA that we picked up months ago. We need something to sit on, our place is getting more empty by the second. We still have a recliner, a corner desk and an entertainment center that needs to be sold or donated. Dad and I may have to take another run over to St. Vincent De Paul.

Today I posted my first Photo Hunt photo. I hope you like it. I am excited to start this photo meme, the categories of some interesting things to take photos of. I look forward to continuing to do more of this. If you like photography join Photo Hunt. If you like MY photography please vote for me in the Bloggers Choice Awards.