Photo-A-Day #753 05/01/07


Well, I was too late to post this for yesterday’s Macro Monday on Flickr. But I took this photo today and am asking for people to look at the words and come up with the best Hiaku, Sentence or Poem that uses some of the words in the photo. You do not have to use all of them, more points to you if you do. What you win from this is a great comment link from this blog. If people like it I will start a Tuesday’s Terrible Haiku Meme and post a photo of some words from my fridge magnets for you to play with.

My friend Mo from We’re In a Fight linked to the Magnetic poetry online site.

Yep I just decided, each week I am going to take a screen shot of 20-30 random words from the Magnetic poetry online site and ask my readers to leave a comment with their Poem, Sentence, Short Story (i.e. Musing) that uses all the words from the image. The person who has the best musing each week (decided by me) will get a special post dedicated to them and their musing and links to their blog. Yes that is what we are going to do, scrap the haiku, this is a free form musing idea. I’m going to call it Magnetic Monday Musings, because the first one will happen next Monday. If you would like to sign up for Magnetic Monday Musings then leave a comment. I will start a blog roll.

Look for a page to be created soon with the official rules. I am very excited about this.

I did decide submit my Macro Monday image for Flickr anyway. It was a day late but I hope you like it.

Macro Monday Magnetic Musing

This is a poem that is on our fridge. we have about 6 sets of magnetic poetry on our fridge. Occasionally people will use the magnets, otherwise they sit there till I walk by and knock one off.

So, my friend Christine won the Be My Guest for Postiecon contest. That is the good news. the bad news is that PostieCon was been moved to Las Vegas in November. Postiecon will coincide with Blog World Expo. I would love to go to that, but we shall have a little bundle of joy in our house and it may be too son after the birth to be taking off across the country. I would love to go to Blog World Expo too, I think that Kevin from Fuel My Blog may be going and I would love a chance to get to meet him in real life.

I had even reserved my hotel room just this morning for PostieCon, luckily I can cancel it and get my hotel points back. also the Bloggers Choice Awards are being postponed till the new PostieCon date and than means that you have until October 19 to help me win The Best Photography blog. I’m #7 and I know I can get higher with your help.

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  1. Oh God I wrote a long comment and then lost it cause I forgot to type in the anti-spam word!

    Anyway…Oh my gosh you’re gonna be a daddy!! I’m so happy for you both, what wonderful news!!!! Awwwww baby Benspark! Congratulations! (p.s. I’m sorry I somehow missed the big post that told of the news!)

  2. That is okay Princesse, Sorry you lost your comment, I know it was probably super cool and funny. Thanks for the congrats.

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