Photo-A-Day #841 07/28/07


Today Dad and I worked on finishing up the Dining room. Photos taken today were out of focus, (someone, me, forgot to change the camera back to auto focus.). We started the morning by finishing up the rest of the trim and spot painting the walls. That Aura paint is amazing. Painting right over dried paint looks seamless, no difference in color at all. Spot painting blended very well.

After the painting was done we cleaned up all the “shovels and rakes and implements of destruction” (bonus points to the reader who can identify where that quote comes is from, leave a comment). And we brought up the floor sander that Dad rented. It wasn’t a sander with a circular motion, but rather it came with screens or sandpaper to attach to the bottom of the machine and it would buff off the top layer of polyurethane that was on the wood floor. We only needed one screen so that was great. Dad would do one part of the floor and I was right behind him with the Dyson cleaning up. And these were a few spots that I used good old sandpaper to get some heavy drops of paint off the floor.

We finished up and Dad returned the machine, picked up some new Polyurethane and I helped Allison do some organizing and cleaning up around the rest of the house. We even hung a few photos in the living room.

Our good friends Andy and Rondi, Stephen the Dog’s A & R, came over to go out to dinner with us. We went over to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Fortune House, where the folks there were very happy to see us and very excited that Allison is so far along in her pregnancy that it is very obvious to all who see her. We had a great meal and even took a take out order home for Dad (he called on in while we were there and caused much confusion or us because neither Allison nor I had our cell phones on us and had no idea that he had called in a take out order). When we got home we played a new Wii game called Big Brain Academy. That is a pretty clever little game and Rondi whipped all out butts. I did do the test and scored a very heavy brain though. It is a fun game for a group of people to play, especially in the head to head version.

while we were playing Oliver got very relaxed and showed us the essence of a good stretch.

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