Photo-A-Day #896 09/21/07

Tonight Allison and I went to the Outlaw BBQ to watch my cousin Matt play drums in the band The Rebel Riders. I was practicing taking band photos because of my assignment tomorrow in Boston. I got one photo of each of the guys in the band for you and a whole mess of shots on Flickr. Since I couldn’t decided which guy should be the photo I made todays PAD the neon sign that I liked. Here are the guys in the band.

Photo-A-Day #896b 09/21/07 Photo-A-Day #896c 09/21/07 Photo-A-Day #896d 09/21/07 Photo-A-Day #896e 09/21/07 Photo-A-Day #896f 09/21/07

I uploaded the rest to a Flickr Set Called The Rebel Riders. The uploading is going on right now and will be done in the AM.

Tomorrow I head off to CollegeFest with PayPerPost as a Postie Reporter.

Also I finally made a calendar through You can buy your own 2008 Photo-A-Day Calendar and a portion goes to help out a former classmate (from high school) of mine and her family. And It looks like 2 have already been sold. Probably because of the posts that were put up by my friends Christine and Mo.

4 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #896 09/21/07”

  1. That’s a cool sign. And nobody will ever know for sure why it’s called “old #7”. It just is, I suppose…Jack took that secret to his grave.

    Good luck this weekend with the PPP stuff…I’m sure you’ll d a great job.

    I bought one of those two calendars. When it gets here I’ll blog about it again.

  2. Thanks for buying a calendar. I think the two sales so far have been you and Mo and the copy I bought for myself. (I didn’t count mine in the total sold it just didn’t seem right)

    I liked the sign and especially how it came out and it was tough to just pick one of the guys from the band.

    I’m heading to the train very soon to start my day with PPP.

  3. My husband collects all things Jack Daniel’s, so this pic caught my eye, and I had to take a closer look. He doesn’t have one of these yet.

    I took band pictures at the reo speedwagon concert this summer. What do Jack and reo speedwagon have to do with each other? The reo speedwagon at the distillery, of course.

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