Photo-A-Day #897 09/22/07

PayPerPost at CollegeFest 2007 update!

The afternoon at CollegeFest was a great time. I was able to get some VIP access to certain areas. The Press pass came in very handy. I was able to do a photoshoot with the Shop Boyz Check out the photos from the day at Flickr and Zooomr. They posed with many people who organized the event as well as with the folks from PayPerPost and the Playboy Playmates. My camera of course locked up when the PayPerPost folks were getting their photos done. I totally missed it. After the photo shoot we got to sit on the hood of a Duck Tour boat. That was very fun. From that vantage point I could take photos of the Shop Boyz performance. Which was much better than front row because they felt the need to throw water on the crowd for some reason, I guess that means “rockstar” to the Shop Boyz. Okay. Maybe I am old.

There were so many booths of people giving stuff away by the truckload. I picked up a bit of swag but spent most of my time photographing the events and meeting people. I did manage to get a few shirts and stuff. I also tried my first live stream. I’m not sure what it really picked up the whole time but there were a few people self aware enough to stop and look in the camera and say hello. There were some fun girls from Mt. Ida college. They were very cool. They did some funny stuff. I took a few photos of them. They were so into the day.

I will have to concentrate on getting more of the people and they bands tomorrow. And getting to meet some of the performers. I met a few people and it was pretty fun. The most fun for me truly was hanging with the PayPerPost folks. They were so fun and so nice. I wonder what the episode of RockStartup is going to look like when it comes out. And since I was looking forward most of all to meeting Ashley from PayPerPost, he mugged for the camera for today’s Photo-A-Day.

2 thoughts on “Photo-A-Day #897 09/22/07”

  1. You did a great job, I followed the posts all day on Saturday. I don’t know half of what you wrote about but I saw! The photos are excellent.

  2. Thanks very much Meeyauw. I was all over the place on Saturday. I did interview a very nice singer on Sunday that I bet you would enjoy. I’m going to write up a singer spotlight interview on BenSpark 2 very soon. Later this week.

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