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I was on RockStartup! Episode #38

Today while I read the PayPerPost blog I saw that the episode about CollegeFest 2007 went up. And I don’t even look like too much of a goof. Although it looks like I was off hiding in a corner the whole time hunched over my computer. What can I say I was there to be a blogger. That is what I did while I was there. You can watch the episode below.

Some of my posts from CollegeFest 2007. Those were just the ones on THIS blog.

Blogging from CollegeFest 2007
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Mount Ida girls at CollegeFest 2007
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CollegeFest 2007 – That’s a Wrap!

And don’t forget all the CollegeFest 2007 Photos.

Little Nicholas, Cutie Patootie

Photo-A-Day #1860

Tonight Allison and I went to Derek and Michelle’s to help them do a little packing. However there wasn’t much helping going on except for building boxes and setting Derek up with Windows Live Messenger. We also had some very tasty pizza from a place called Chardonnays. We had a buffalo chicken and a Pepperoni Pizza. I had had not had Buffalo Chicken Pizza before however and it was very good. Continue reading Little Nicholas, Cutie Patootie