Little Nicholas, Cutie Patootie

Photo-A-Day #1860

Tonight Allison and I went to Derek and Michelle’s to help them do a little packing. However there wasn’t much helping going on except for building boxes and setting Derek up with Windows Live Messenger. We also had some very tasty pizza from a place called Chardonnays. We had a buffalo chicken and a Pepperoni Pizza. I had had not had Buffalo Chicken Pizza before however and it was very good.

We are really going to Miss Derek and Michelle and little Nicholas. Out of the photos I took tonight I ended up with this one as the best. Little Nicholas was checking things out when I snapped this. He is a dang cute kid, he really is. We are looking forward to seeing them all when they return in December. Good luck to Derek as he embarks on his new journey.

Derek and I set up stuff for him to get a web cam for he and Michelle to use to keep in visual communication with his parents. We looked at some logitech web cams and I think Derek will be getting the same webcam I used over the weekend on Sunday. Here is the handiwork of that webcam. I was at the CollegeFest Day 2 early so I did this video blogcast.

I was at CollegeFest 2007 courtesy of the fine folks at PayPerPost. They rocked and treated me like a RockStar!

8 thoughts on “Little Nicholas, Cutie Patootie”

  1. That is a wonderful baby. So healthy and content that it makes your heart sing.

    Thank you, Drew, for your kind words for Anna and her loss. We are both very grateful and comforted by them. She is still in so much pain. But you helped.

  2. Hi Meeyauw. Nicholas is the sweetest little boy. Derek and Michelle are very lucky for such a sweet boy.

    I’m very sorry about Anna and her loss. I couldn’t imagine how I would react to losing Oliver and Duncan. It would hurt so bad so I feel for Anna.

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