Swoop like a Falcon

One of the great things about being able to go to CollegeFest 2007 (courtesy of PayPerPost) was the chance to try out so many great products. One of those was from Novint Technologies. It is a gaming system called the Falcon and it is pretty amazing. The only thing I can compare it to is the Nintendo Wii but it is a much more interactive controller. The Falcon comes with a series of games like home run smash, with this game you use the controller to swing the bat and you feel the swing of the bat as well as the hit of the ball. Using touch with video games is what is going to set this game controller apart from the competition.

I got to play with this controller over the weekend and it was amazing. If I was playing a first person shooter game the recoil of the weapon could be felt, if I was playing a baseball game or a bowling game I felt the weight of the bat and the swing of my arms. It was so interesting to get to play with this game controller and it is way more scientific than anything else out there. More details can be found at the Novint Technologies site.

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