28 thoughts on “Photo Hunt : Fake 07/07/07”

  1. Renee, thank you. I used my telephoto lens very close to the head of the flamingo to achieve that DOF look.It certainly did make the flamingo pop. I was searching for geckos around the house when I shot this image.

  2. Hey there Criz, thank you for the comments. Glad you liked the photo. I hope you enter my July Contest.

  3. Hey Rand,
    Yes, flamingos are certainly fodder for scavenger hunts online as well as off. No need to scavenge for anything to enter my July contest.

  4. I love pink flamingos (who knows why?) and am thinking of putting one or two in the woods. A bit incongruous perhaps?

  5. I love, love, love this photo!! It’s pink and represents the most wonderful plastic flamingo well! lol! How can anyone not love the plastic pink flamingoes???

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