Playtime at Port Orleans

Playing at Port Orleans
Photo-A-Day #1993

Eva has fun at the playground at Port Orleans, The French Quarter. We took it easy on our first day at Disney. We hung out at the hotel, swam in the pool and had a nice meal with Jennifer Leet, her husband Rob and two of their children.

Our meal was at Boatwright’s and it was delicious. Actually, Allison’s was much tastier than mine but I got to have some of hers so it evened out. We also were using the Disney Dining plan and so our meal came with entrĂ©e, drink and dessert. We each got Pecan pie and split one, brought the other one back to the room but never ate it because we were either stuffed by the time we got home or it was too late, either way someone got some pecan pie from us once we left.