Ready for the Belmont Stakes

Photo-A-Day #3347

I received a couple of the new horses from Safari Ltd. to photograph and review. My opinions are 100% my own.

Horses and horse racing has been all the talk of some of my work friends. I am pretty oblivious to it myself even though my grandfather was a trainer and my Great-Uncle was a fan and my other Great-Uncle was a trainer as well. I have a case of 16mm films from a racecourse that was located in Pawtucket way back when. I’ve been meaning to get those converted and to share them on Youtube as part of history. But, besides that today was the Belmont Stakes and Safari Ltd sent me an Arabian Horse and a Quarter Horse so that I could photograph them and share them with you.

Arabian Horse by Safari Ltd.

The horse above is the Arabian. The detail is excellent and the horse stands on its own easily. Good weight to it, a solid toy that the kids have really enjoyed playing with.

American Quarter Horse by safari Ltd.

The American Quarter Horse is my favorite. It looks to me like a horse from a Western. You can make out some strong powerful muscles on this horse as well. It is also very detailed and solid with good weight and it stands up perfectly. The detail is excellent.

PRofile of the American Quarter Horse by Safari Ltd.

I couldn’t resist another photo of this horse. These and other horses can be found at