Rebirth of our Piggyback Rider

Photo-A-Day #3346

I received a Piggyback rider a few years ago and it has been with us with Eva and now Andrew is enjoying it. We’ve been taking Andrew to the zoo with it and people have been asking us all about it.

I got home from the gym and to give Allison a little break I took Andrew out for a walk at the La Salette trail. I wanted to find a location in the woods to shoot photos for some Safari Limited toys that arrived the other day. I got two wolves (would have been so cool if they arrived before the Great Wolf Lodge Trip) and wanted to take photos of them in woods locations.

Andrew does so well on the piggyback rider. He likes it up there, too. We can actually have conversations while walking because I can hear him as opposed to him walking next to me and his little voice has to travel up to me. He does have the annoying habit of stepping off the bar whenever he’s all done riding. But, for the most part he rides really well.