Review: KREO Transformers Grimlock Street Attack Set

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I received a large box of Transformers: Age of Extinction Toys to play with and review. Opinions are 100% my own on the toys and the related movie.

Transformers KRE-O sets are fun. I have a bunch of them when they first came on the scene including a large Optimus Prime one and a few other Autobots. I like the little Kreon characters and try to collect many of them when I can find a set on sale. I was sent the Grimlock Street Attack set which included 3 Kreons and the Grimlock Dinobot figure. Grimlock is a buildable character that is large enough for Optimus to ride on like he does in the movie.

KREO - Grimlock Street Attack

The set recreates a little bit of the movie where Optimus Prime rides into battle on the back of Grimlock. There is a moment where Grimlock crashes trough a Chinese arch for no good reason than to smash stuff. the set has a breakaway Chinese arch that Grimlock can smash at will.

KREO - Grimlock Street Attack - KREONS

There are three Kreons with the set. A Golden Optimus Prime which would have been kinda cool in the movie but that is not what happens. There are also a couple of Vehicons that have magnets on them so they can interact with Grimlock and his “Dino Force Technology”. Basically the magnet in Grimlock’s mouth attracts the magnets on the vehicons so Grimlock and chomp on them like he does in the movie.

KREO - Grimlock Street Attack - Grimlock

The Grimlock figure is all spikes and guns. He’s got some heavy artillery on his shoulders and some guns attached to his arms. I guess that works because the characters seem to be able to produce weapons from their bodies at will. So, it makes sense to me. The tail can move around because there are ball joints to make it and the end of the tail can be used to grab the vehicon Kreons.

KREO - Grimlock Street Attack - Optimus Riding Grimlock

It is a pretty decent set with 196 pieces and was fun to build. It will be a great display piece on my desk.

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  1. Wow that’s it? Not sure why but I was expecting it to be in the $30 range. Either way if it has Grimlock I’m pretty much gonna have to buy it.

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