Review: Krusty the Clown Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions

Krusty the Clown Fun Pack
Photo-A-Day #4170

We received the Krusty the Clown Fun Pack for LEGO Dimensions free from Warner Bros. Opinions of the toy and the game are 100% our own.

Andrew has been all about The Simpsons in LEGO Dimensions. He bought the Bart Simpson Fun Pack and he wanted the other two Simpsons related toys for the game. He wanted to open the Krusty the Clown Fun Pack when it arrived. I had him hold off a couple of days so that we could record the video to go along with our unboxing and game play of the character.

Krusty the Clown has a ranged attack, he throws pies. He also is pretty acrobatic when he jumps but he does not have Wild Style’s abilities. He has the ability to clean up hazardous waste and he can also grown plants. Krusty also has the water spray ability and comes with the vehicle the Clown Bike. The clown bike can also be rebuilt into the Cannon Bike and the Anti-Gravity Rocket Bike.

I have been quickly picking up all the LEGO Dimensions sets from the first season. The second season is right around the corner and new Fun Packs, Team Packs, Level packs and all-new Story Packs are on their way! I’ve already pre-ordered Harry Potter and the A-Team packs. I cannot wait!

LEGO Dimensions combines the interactive fun of LEGO building with virtual worlds by incorporating characters, vehicles and locations from the biggest and most beloved entertainment franchises, including Batman, Harry Potter, Back to the Future, E.T. and more.

I am so excited about all the great 80’s nostalgic properties that are going to be part of the game. The A-Team, Knight Rider, The Goonies and E.T. are on my list to pick up! Check out the Trailer from E3.