Review: Motorworks Fuel N Shine Station & TR Convertible

Motorworks Fuel N Shine Station and TR Convertible

We received two fun new toys from MOTORWORKS™ from The Manhattan Toy Company® to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

Andrew was my toy tester for this review. I had him for the whole afternoon and keeping a very active 2 1/2 year old happy and busy is tough. So, I have to keep finding thing to interest him. I brought out the MOTORWORKS™ Fuel-N-Shine Station and TR Convertible and he was engaged right away. He loved the car and couldn’t wait for me to get all the decals on the Fuel N Shine Station before he started to play.

Andrew Shows off the Motorworks Fuel N Shine Station and TR Convertible

Andrew has enjoyed playing with the MOTORWORKS™ cars and trucks that we already own but this was the first time he could play with a playset. The new Fuel N Shine Station is so much fun with lots of activities. He can gas up the cars and also put them through the car wash, plus pretend to fuel up imaginary drivers in the convenience store.

Washing the TR Convertible in the Fuel N shine Station

I am always impressed with a new MOTORWORKS™ car. They are so well made and designed. With rubber tires and fast moving wheels they are fun to drive. Being able to swap accessories between vehicles means that there is no shortage of options when playing.

Motorworks Fuel N Shine Station and TR Convertible

The Fuel N Shine Station is made in the quality manner that I’ve come to expect from MOTORWORKS™. It comes fully assembled and with 20 repositionable decals for easy customization. The one tiny drawback I found was that the main top roller of the car wash got pulled out by one of the kids and I was able to put it back in easy enough. then they did it again and we lost one of the plastic stays. I like that the piece was easy enough to put back in place but would love it if there would have been an extra piece for the very reason of this scenario. I’ll be scouring our dining room again to find it.

Driving the TR Convertible

We enjoyed playing with the MOTORWORKS™ TR Convertible and the Fuel N Shine Station. They are some great additions to our collection of other great MOTORWORKS™ toys. I look forward to playing more with Andrew and Eva and these toys.

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