Review: Transformers One-Step Changers: Drift

Andrew with Drift

We received a Drift One-Step changer to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

When I first saw photos online of the Transformers One-Step Changers I admit it, I was not impressed. Then I went to Toy Fair 2014 and learned more about them I was interested but it wasn’t until on of the Hasbro guys pulled his Drift figure out of his pocket and with the flick of his wrist transformed the toy from car to figure in a second and with another flick closed him right back up. At that point I was sold. These One-Step changers are perfect for little kids and are a lot of fun to transform.

Drift in Vehicle Mode

While at that Toy Fair Press Event I learned that Hasbro broke their Transformers into multiple lines and wanted to create toys that had instantaneous transformations. The characters transform so quickly on the screen, so why shouldn’t kids toys transform quickly, too. The Drift figure is an example of a nice looking toy with a quick transformation. The car mode looks very nice and while there is more detail in the more advanced figures this one is a perfect size for that younger child just getting into Transformers.

One-step changer Drift in Robot Mode

The robot mode is very basic but there are some points that I was impressed with. Drifts arms do not have to stay out straight and parallel to the floor. He can put his arms down and even swing them forward or backward. The hands have round holes for holding additional weapons. So, the character could hold a sword or a gun, from another figure. The head looks good and is fairly detailed, too.

Andrew transforming Drift

I am interested in seeing the other ways Hasbro has made the One-Step Changers transform. I do know that the Grimlock one is done by spinning the figure around in a loop. I bet Andrew would like him, too.

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