Review: #TransformersToys One-Step Changers Autobot Hound

One-Step changers Autobot Hound in the Package

We received a large box of fun Transformers: Age of Extinction Movie toys. Opinions of those toys and the movie are 100% my own.

Hound was one of the better characters in the new Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. The toy version is called Autobot Hound because like many of the G1 characters the names weren’t protected and now they have to be called Autobot …. I’ll just call him Hound from here on out since that’s what anyone who plays with the toy is gonna call him. Hound got a major upgrade from his G1 days. He used to be a scout army Jeep who could project holograms to fool the enemy. This Hound projects thousands of rounds of ammunition. He’s the heavy artillery for the Autobots, everything you can think of he is carrying including a large caliber bullet that he chomps on like a cigar all through the movie.

One-Step Changers Autobot Hound Robot Mode

When I was at the Hasbro Press event at Toy Fair I got to see a few Hound toys. I really liked the generation version because it looks good and comes with over 14 weapons, which would be half of one half that he has in the movie. This guy is packing major heat. I didn’t see how the One-Step Changer worked until I opened the package today. It is super simple, even more simple than the Drift One-Step changer I reviewed recently. You simply press a button on the cab of the vehicle and it pops open to reveal the robot.

One-Step Changers Autobot Hound Vehicle Mode

To put the figure back into vehicle mode you simply lift the feet up close the side flaps and lock it back into place. It is much easier than how I described it. The figure also has elbow joints so that the arms can move a bit up and down.