Review: World’s Worst Time Machine by Dustin Brady

World's Worst Time Machine
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We received a review copy of World’s Worst Time Machine by Dustin Brady. This book is going to be released on April 25th. I requested a copy of this book so that Andy could read it because getting Andy to read anything has been difficult. Dustin Brady is said to write books for kids who hate reading books. We’ve actually reviewed one of his books in the past called Trapped in a video Game. That was a whole series that he created and I think that World’s Worst Time Machine may potentially be a whole new series. At least that is what I gathered when I read through the whole book. It took Andy a very long time to read the book because of all the other things that they can be distracted by. However, today I got Andy to finally finish the book. Once the book was done Andy tells me that the book nearly made them cry at the end. It was the best ending ever they said. So I then read the book. It took me two days but it was a very quick read. I read the book all the way to the end including the after credits scene, which Andy did not read. I gave the book back to Andy and asked that they read it. Andy comes back to me and says that it nearly made him cry again. So, I think that by that fact alone it was a good read and kids will enjoy this book. It was funny engaging and something wildly different than other time travel themed books.

Here are some additional details on the book and about Dustin:

(February 1, 2023) Author Dustin Brady announces the release of his latest book, World's Worst Time Machine (April 28, 2023). The new book is a thrilling journey through time, packed with humor, adventure, and unexpected twists and turns.

For kids, life can be boring, but Liam and Elsa know how to create their own fun—or so they think. After finding a $3 time machine at a garage sale, Liam uses the machine to summon Thomas Edison for help with his book report. It's not until the time machine sends a different Thomas Edison from the 1930s that chaos ensues. 

World's Worst Time Machine is the newest series from best-selling children's author Dustin Brady. Using his signature style, Brady's laugh-out-loud sense of humor and daring adventure will keep even the most reluctant reader wanting to turn the page.

With its fast-paced plot and engaging characters, World's Worst Time Machine will surely be a hit with young readers and their families.
World's Worst Time Machine is available now in print and e-book format from all major online book retailers.

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