Revisiting the Past

old friend and old laptop
Photo-A-Day 2.0 #01722

Today I took my old laptop and repurposed it for Andy. Andy loves playing Minecraft and has recently gotten back into playing it via computer. However, we have one family computer and that is used mostly by Allison while she does work for school.

I basically took off everything that would be bogging the computer down and installed Minecraft so that Andy could use it. this way there is a dedicated device that Andy can use to play their favorite game. It may be a little slower than the other computer but it still runs pretty well to play that game.

The book is the newest Bruce book. Andy loves the Bruce books and asked that we pick this up the other night when we were with Uncle Jim at Target. I haven’t had any free Bruce books sent to me in a while so we bought this one to continue the series. It may be a children’s book and Andy si definitely aged out of them but they still enjoy these funny stories.