Roadhouse Rules to Blogging…

When it rains in South Florida on vacation, well, you watch movies. My in-laws have On Demand from Comcast and they had Roadhouse as a choice. This week has been one for connections to Roadhouse, with the passing of Jeff Healey and the announcement that Patrick Swayze has Pancreatic Cancer (Rest in Peace Patrick), how could I not watch.

While watching the movie I got to the part where Dalton tells the bouncers and bar staff the new “rules”. And I started to think how those rules could be applied to blogging.

1. – “One, Never underestimate your opponent. Expect the unexpected.”
In blogging for money you have many opponents. There are spam commentors, affiliate marketing ‘gurus’ (do they really help you or fill their coffers) and Big G (been RankSpanked lately). So to survive and excel you must be smarter, faster and better than the competition. You must anticipate rather than follow. Lead rather than catch up. If you don’t do that then you will not make it as a blogger.

2. – “Two, take it outside. Never start anything inside the bar unless it’s absolutely necessary.”
This is a tough one to follow as a blogger. Your blog is your sounding board and it is very easy to fly off the handle and blog about the things that are bothering you. I’ve been guilty of letting spammers get to me and I’ve been guilty of getting upset and posting about it. Not the best thing to do because I played right into the spammers hands. They want attention. So by blogging about it and giving them attention I let them win.

The best advice I have in dealing with spammers is to toss their comments. Don’t even bother reading them. You have a delete button for a reason.

3. – “Three, be nice.”
Being nice should be rule number one but that is okay because your most important message should be the last thing that you leave your audience. If you give out your most important information at the beginning of your post then your audience will leave before they finish reading what you have to say.

Being nice is the most important and that is why I think this blog has had at least some success. Being nice means responding to your audience. I try very hard to respond to each and every comment. I also try and visit each person who visits me. I can’t do it every day but I try and do it often.

Being nice means digging or stumbling blog posts that made a difference to you. Promote people who make a difference in your blogging life. You don’t have to tell them that you did so or ask for anything in return, just do it because it is nice.

Can you think of other ways to be nice in blogging? And we will just throw out that last part of “until it is time not to be nice.”

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  1. Hi, I am actually writing because I would like some advice. I know you have been blogging for a long time and you must have a lot of visitors and I was wondering what did you do in the past to have people come by? I am currently using some google ad words but I have a very small budget to spend. Is there anything I could do that I can reach a lot of people with out a very large investment money wise. Is there anything thing you can think of that might help bring more visitors by? Thanks

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  2. Hi Jenn,

    I am pretty amazed that anyone would want advice from me. I’m not even sure how to approach the subject.

    I have been blogging for years. In fact someone commented on one of my posts from over 4 years ago, today. Sometimes I find it bizarre that anyone other than family reads these posts.

    I have never spent any money to promote this blog. What I do is respond to each reader when they comment. I also try and comment on other blogs as often as I can.

    You have a very good hook in that you write your weekly shorts. I think that if you reach out to more bloggers and write more weekly shorts featuring the the ideas that bloggers give you you can create awesome stories that they will enjoy. I loved the one you wrote based on a character I created. Too bad you killed him off as there could be no sequel.

    Some other things would be giving your readers fresh new content daily, interact with each reader that leaves a comment. And reach out as much as you can. But also once in a while do a pay it forward post and write about another blogger’s post giving them the credit and the link love. Just because. I’m happy to offer any other words of ‘wisdom’ if you want them.

  3. Great post Drew, I’m loving rule number three, because I feel it should also be rule number one like you said.

    Online gives you the freedom to be as nice or as mean as you want to be. I used to be a part of a blogging service where the community was great and loving, and all things wonderful, but then it turned sour due to several reasons, and I was shocked at how cruel people could be, I was a “victim” once or twice, and it aggravated me. Anyhoo I’m rambling, back to the point. Um, more ways to be nicer online..I think you covered the basics, not a lot of people do what you do, ie respond to every comment, visit other blogs daily, and whatnot, and if people crave community, then that’s the only way they can do it.

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  4. Thanks Chica,
    I appreciate that you consistently contribute to this blog with your insight. I find that there is so much evil in the world and negativity that we really should use our blogs to promote the good, the better and what to aspire to.

    I have also met many bloggers in real life and always try to remember that everyone who comments and takes time from their day to come here is a person. So, Yes, I totally agree that rule #3 should be rule #1.

    You never know what I am gonna blog about after being rained out on vacation.

  5. Np Drew, I enjoy your blog, most of the time.. :p Ok Ok, all the time. LOL

    I’ve actually learned a lot from you, which is why I kept coming back in the first place. I’ve never met any bloggers in RL, but I have intentions one day. I have to be extra cautious I feel, because no matter how much you think you know someone, you just don’t know until you meet them face to face.

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  6. I agree Chica. I agree. Meeting someone face to face solidifies the personal nature of their blog. I’ve been very fortunate to meet many people so far. If you go to IZEAFest 2008 in September I’m sure to meet you there. We are going to start our planning very soon.

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