Time to consolidate…

I’ve been thinking very hard about each of my blogs. I have 7 of them at this time. There are three that I work really hard on. I have The BenSpark, The Wired Kayaker, and Read To Me Dad. I also have BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo and Flatwater Tech. While I write many posts about TV and movies on BenSpark 2: Electric Boogaloo it is still on a free hosting platform.

I’ve been reading some articles on web hosting and I think it is time to consolidate the focus of my blogs. Flatwater Tech will be absorbed into The Wired Kayaker and you should look here for posts about movies and TV as BenSpark 2 will pretty much disappear. It is sad because that is my first blog however The BenSpark is the blog that I should focus on most of all.

So, what is my next step? Well, I think I will put Google is not God up for sale. It was something I started on a whim anyway. Flatwater Tech will be redirected to Wired Kayaker and I’ll be taking a look at hosting for The Wired Kayaker through The Web Hosting Blue Book. The BenSpark is hosted, Read to Me, Dad has free hosting for a year but The Wired Kayaker is hosted for free on a free hosting platform. I want total control over my blogs to I’m going to be setting up a giant upheaval in my own world of blogging very, very soon.

My Mobile Utterz blog will stay as it is because it is so easy to keep that one going.

4 thoughts on “Time to consolidate…”

  1. Quality is the reason I want to get them consolidated. I have been very neglectful of a few of them and so I want to focus on the quality ones.

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