Skylanders: Cloud Patrol Screenshot

Skylanders in Your Pocket! Skylanders: Cloud Patrol

Skylanders: Cloud Patrol Screenshot

The wildly popular console game, Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure has now expanded onto iOS devices with the release of Skylanders: Cloud Patrol. I constantly look at the new updates to the Skylanders Facebook page and Thursday I saw an update for a Skylanders game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was just $0.99 so I decided to download it.

I was not at all disappointed. The game is so much fun. You pick your favorite Skylander and take to a flying gunship in order to take out a bunch of nasty trolls that have escaped from a prison. You can tap each troll to shoot it or swipe your finger across the screen to select multiple targets at once. The more you shoot the higher a bonus you will accumulate.

The game comes with Trigger Happy but you can add more characters. The nice thing about the game is that you can use the online codes for your existing Skylanders and pull them into the game. Why would you want to do this if the game play is the same for every character? There is a daily elemental bonus. So, if the daily bonus is for characters of the fire element you can use Eruptor and gain additional coins with each level you complete. Also, you get accomplishments when you unlock more Skylanders. You can also use the web codes for the magical items from the Adventure Packs.

Skylanders: Cloud Patrol Screenshot

If you do not have the characters and their web codes you can use gems that you earn in the game to unlock characters as well as magical items. The magical items can be upgraded with the coins that you earn too. Magical items can do things like skip levels, give you bonus point multipliers, too.

I entered all of our figures except for Legendary Trigger Happy, that is still in the coming soon section. I would have liked to have been able to scan the barcode on each figures web code card because adding in 30+ cards at one time was a bit tedious. I was concerned that if I entered the code on my iPhone I wouldn’t be able to enter it on my iPad but I could use my code multiple times. So now I’ve got to enter the codes four times. Two iPhone and two iPads.

For $0.99 it is a great little fun app. It expands the playability of your figures and gives players something to do when everyone else is playing Spyro’s Adventure and the upcoming giants game. I hope to see updates to this app to include the new figures when they come out.

There is no Android app at this time.