Special Edition Gill Grunt Figure

Photo-A-Day #3259

Back when Skylanders Swap Force came out there was a promotion with Toys R Us. If you spent $100 on Skylanders merchandise with your Toys R Us membership rewards number you’d get this figure free.

Gill Grunt is one of my favorite characters. Ever since the first series Gill was the character that I enjoyed most. He’s entertaining and has some cool weapons. I especially like his giant anchor attack and his ability to travel around on a jet of water spraying from his backpack.

It is too bad that he doesn’t look that way in the game.

One thought on “Special Edition Gill Grunt Figure”

  1. I have been initiated into the wonderful world of Skylanders by my best friends’ children. Gee there are some crazy little creatures in the mix. Zook was probably my fave out of all the Skylanders that I have seen so far.

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