Stealing Chica… PAD #1188

Stealing Chica... PAD #1188

Yes, I am totally stealing Chica’s idea of doing a flower in Black and White. And it looks like I’m doing it a day early because she is asking her readers to do a black and white flower tomorrow. I saw how Chica did an excellent black and white flower shot yesterday and really wanted to try it out myself.

Today I wrote a post for the IZEA Blog. It is all about some steps to take in order to have a great time at IZEAFest 2008. I’m also compiling a blogroll of everyone who will be in attendance and that includes all the great speakers as well. So if you are going to IZEAFest 2008 then please leave a comment and let me know.

I finally added my other three blogs to Entrecard today too. So now you can drop at The Wired Kayaker, Google is not God and Read To Me, Dad. What this means to me is that I have to stay on top of these blogs with fresh content.

I hate to admit this but I’ve gotten sucked into The Baby Borrowers and I can’t stand reality shows.

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6 thoughts on “Stealing Chica… PAD #1188”

  1. It looks fabulous, I love the softness of it too.

    I won’t be attending IZEA, wish I was though, I imagine it’s going to be as much fun as educating at the same time. 🙂

  2. Chica,
    Thanks for the feedback on the flower. It is soft because it is a bit out of focus, but I still liked it.

    It is too bad that you won’t be at IZEAFest, it will be fun but also it would be very cool to meet you and go take some photos in Orlando.

  3. Oh I know, it would be totally fabulous. I wouldn’t have a chance unless it was somewhere closer like vegas or something, where I didn’t have to fly to get there. Too expensive :/

  4. Chica,
    Yeah it would be a great time. It is too bad that you don;t have some sort of photography sponsor that would send you. The rate you are going with your blog as a resource for photographers I’d think some company would totally jump at the chance to have you write about them and attend conventions on their behalf. Yes, I gush but you have been very inspiring to me and I am sure a quite few others as well.

  5. Stephen,
    No unlawful activity going on. Besides the gas money to take her across state lines would be unbearable.

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