The Baby Borrowers: Ep 1

So the British experiment is now an American TV show. The basic gist of it is that there are 5 couple of teenagers who think that they are ready to get married and have kids. Okay fine, the show gives them children to take care of. For 3 days they have infants, 3 days toddlers, 3 days young children, 3 days teens and for 3 days the elderly. Sounds interesting. But I have to wonder if this will teach the kids that they are not ready to be parents or will it reinforce a bad decision.

So, the couples are driven up to some houses that they would never be able to afford in cars that they wouldn’t be able to afford. They also get a ton of baby stuff to put together and they take a baby prep course. Oh yeah, they are so not ready for this. After a 2-3 day honeymoon period the real work starts. The babies arrive.

Now the parents can watch everything that is going on at the houses and they can intervene at any time. Each house also has a professional nanny who will not intervene unless the child is in immediate harm.

What I have been noticing so far int he premiere is that the girls have been pretty whiny and full of themselves. Kelly has a complete meltdown over the pregnancy belly and Alicia can’t take criticism. The first mother to intervene was the mother of the baby that Alicia had and rather than learn from the mom who, I don’t know, knows what her baby needs, Alicia tried to justify everything that she was doing wrong. I can’t stand when people do that.

Overall I guess it was an interesting show. I missed the second ep and it is not on Hulu yet so I don’t know what happens next.

I have no idea how, as a parent, I could let a teen couple take care of Eva. I’d be over there all the time because they wouldn’t be doing things right. I guess that is the idea, they have to learn. I liked Miley’s Dad, he was really good with her and the kids that are taking care of her, the boy at least, started to get it.

I’m annoyed that this show has sucked me in. I hate reality shows.