Stephen TheDog: Doing Big Things in 2009

Stephen TheDog: Doing Big Things in 2009
Photo-A-Day #1366

Tonight Allison and I went over to see our friends Andy and Rondi. They are also known as Stephen TheDog’s A and R. Stephen does not like to use their names on his blog, me I will. Oh, you don’t know StepehnTheDog? You are missing out on a very industrious dog.

Okay, so industrious may be a stretch but Stephen attempts to blog on his O.D.D. (Online Digital Diary and oh yeah he things blogging is odd, but he still does it). Stephen ran for all open posts in 2008 as a throw away vote candidate, basically if you didn’t like either candidate then Stephen was your dog. He even got 714 write in votes in an election in Baxter, Iowa. Stephen is campaigning Nabisco to make Double Stuff Nutter Butters. So far though he has been met with many a deaf ear. But Stephen has big plans in 2009.

He didn’t tell me his plans per se but one thing that is at the forefront: Name Recognition! Stephen will be attempting to get his name out there in many ways possible. I suggested to him that he start making Stephen TheDog T-Shirts with famous Stephen TheDog sayings. He didn’t have any though. And he says that he doesn’t wear T-shirts. But I do know that he wears ties. So I suggested that he make some ties instead. I think a tie with Stephen TheDog wearing his tie would make a great tie, it would end up in my next box of Awesome.

Okay enough of that, I can’t write nonsense like Stephen TheDog. We had a very nice visit with Andy and Rondi and Eva was very good with Stephen. She started off a little cool at first but eventually warmed up to everyone. She also found that she enjoys playing with a tennis ball. She was laughing like crazy when we played. You know that wonderful laughter that makes us want to have 50 more. But don’t worry she got “nudgie” later (A Nudge where the “u” is pronounced like the o’s in the word good.) that curbed us of that desire. But overall she was wonderful and went right to bed too. Even better.

Andy and Rondi made a delicious lasagna and ice cream cookies that were somehow tax deductible. After dinner we played Mario Kart on the Wii on the Big screen. Playing at Andy’s house is like playing at our house but everyone gets a split screen the size of our whole TV. Before we left I got some photos with Stephen for BenSpark’s PhotoBooth. Oh and I got to play with Andy’s new toy, a Nikon SB600 Flash, I now have Flash envy.

And now I’m off to do my 15 minutes a day of trying to learn Chinese. It has been pretty fun so far.

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  1. What a gigantic dog. I wonder how much it costs to raise a dog that size. But the dog looks cute.

  2. @karen
    in my opinion the dog would look more cute when he would be just a little bit smaller. πŸ™‚

    Is he really that bis or is that because of the angle?

  3. Okay, so I woke up this morning in a bit of a funk. Then I read your blog in my email, and I totally cracked up. Thanks for the smile.

    BTW, You’re right Mario Kart on the big screen rocks.

    StephenTheDog 2012… the campaign starts now.

  4. Jennifer,
    I’ve never heard that I defunkified someone before. Glad I could help. Mario kart is really a lot of fun, especially on a large screen. I’ll have to pass along your suggestion to Stephen

  5. Baba,
    I’ve wanted a flash for my camera for a while now and Andy has the same one as me and now he has a flash, I must get a flash. But it must be higher in number than his as is the way with men.

  6. Nice job outing my A and R you just better hope their identities don’t get stolen. I have heard blogging can lead to identity theft.

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