BenSpark’s Photobooth

BenSpark's PhotoBooth

One of my 2009 Commitments is to be more creative. The other day I was watching Eva while Allison was at work. She was being her funny self and kept telling me to put on my hat. She would emphatically point to my head and shout “Hat”. I was wearing a hoodie, I was scruffy and probably had not showered (I was working from home. I need more discipline or an office to motivate me to shower when working from home.) Each time I would put my hood on my head Eva would squeal with laughter. She was wearing one too so I flipped her hood up and she laughed. I wanted to get a picture of the two of us.

So I picked up my camera and attached it to my XShot 2.0 then I set the timer for the custom setting. I had previously set my custom setting to take 5 pictures with a 5 second delay between each photo. The settings can be as long as 30 seconds between pictures and you can set the camera to automatically take up to 10 photos. Now I know the traditional PhotoBooth has 4 photos on the strip and I was going to take one off but decided against it. I don’t know what exactly made me think of a Photo Booth. I was just open to the creativity of this little photo shoot. But I then Googled “Photo Strip” and “Photo Booth” and found my inspiration.

I loaded each photo into Photoshop Elements and pulled all the images onto one. Each image was a separate Layer. I then cropped the image to 100 X 125. I created a blank file and then pulled each of the layers onto that file. I added a drop shadow to each one and spaced them evenly on the new file. I then cropped the whole thing to look like a photo strip and there you have it.

I will be at events and conventions all over the country this coming year as a member of the IZEA Insiders and I’ll have my XShot 2.0 and Canon Powershot with me at all of them. I hope that if you meet me you will step into BenSpark’s PhotoBooth.

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