Thank you Laugh Friendly

Eva and the Moonman

Before Christmas I received a package from Elena from Laugh Friendly. Laugh Friendly is the company that publishes the Nana Star series of books. Well, they also have stuffed characters as well. The package I received was of The Oh-So-Very Pretty Nana Star Doll and the Moonman Lovey. The package had a note just letting me know that these toys were for me and no review or anything was needed. I contacted Elena from Laugh Friendly to let her know that we would be wrapping up these gifts and giving them to Eva for Christmas. We knew the grandparents were going to spoil Eva so we decided to do one big gift (The Laugh and Learn: Musical Learning Chair) and also give Eva these two toys.

Eva and Nana Star

Eva loves her Nana Star and Moonman toys. She has Moonman in her bed and loves to hug him and she takes Nana Star all around the house. Eva is not quite old enough to understand the Nana Star stories and so she is not role playing with the toys yet but she does enjoy them anyway.

If you are interested in learning more about Nana Star, the Moonman and Elizabeth Owens, the woman who created the Nana Star character please read my past posts.