Still doing the YesVideo Photo-A-Day Challenge

Photo-A-Day #2751

I’m still doing the photo-a-day challenge with YesVideo. I’m not posting all of them to the blog, many are on Facebook and some end up being my daily photo. Today was one of those days. I could have photographed the spider death spots in the garage, places where we haven’t used things all year and so there are crazy webs with tons of desiccated bug bodies on the floor. I have to clean teh garage after the yard is in order. I could have found a nice Orb Weaver Spider but instead I quickly snapped this fake spider in Stop & Shop before I got to work tonight. Stopped off for a couple of items to eat during the weekend.

Speaking of Spiders, I’ve done a bunch of Heroic Challenges in Skylanders. I still have about 20 figures that are not fully upgraded and while Eva was at school I upgraded more of them. One of the challenges is all about taking out giant spiders in a dungeon. Actually a couple of them feature the giant spiders. I had thought of taking a photo of that but instead continued to play on. Something that I didn’t include in yesterday’s Skylanders post because teh video was not on YouTube yet. But check out this new video, it is 4 minutes long but hits all the highlights of new features of Giants.

And Speaking of Giants I just got confirmation of the shipment of the GameStop exclusive packs that ordered. Still waiting on confirmation about my review copy of the game though.