Stratos Spheres from ThinkFun

Stratos Spheres
Photo-A-Day #3942

We received a couple of great new toys from ThinkFun including Stratos Spheres and Math Dice Chase. We love the toys from ThinkFun because they are incredibly well made and fun to play. So far we’ve only played Stratos Spheres and soon we will be opening Math Dice Chase. Stratos Spheres is a great little 2-player 4-in-a-row game that I enjoy playing with Andrew and Eva.

Speaking of Andrew and Eva, tonight I was able to take them to Bliss for dinner. We haven’t been able to just go anywhere the three of us in a while with school and my work schedule. So tonight we had a nice little dinner, just the three of us. More about our night in the vlog below.

About ThinkFun games:

Math Dice Chase – A Mathematical Hot Potato
Builds multiplication skills, and can be adapted for younger learners to practice addition and subtraction. Invented by a teacher and perfect for the classroom!
Math Dice Chase is one part hot potato and one part math! Players begin by arranging themselves in a circle. You and the player directly across from you each roll a set of 12-sided dice and race to multiply your numbers together. Quickly shout out the answer and pass the dice as fast as you can. Think fast – this math game is a race and you don’t want to get caught with both sets of dice! Available nationwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at neighborhood toy stores. Multiple Players, grades 3 and up; MSRP $6.99.

Stratos Spheres -2-Player Strategy Game
Ages 7 to adult, MSRP $9.99
Take four-in-a-row to a whole new dimension with Stratos Spheres! Stratos Spheres loses the 2-D board and lets you build the game – and your logic skills – as you go. To start, add one of your colored spheres to the white neutral sphere and pass it to your opponent. Your opponent then adds a sphere of their color. This 2-player game goes back and forth until one player gets four of their spheres in a row – in any dimension. With its 3-D construction, Stratos Spheres takes a classic play pattern and adds a dynamic new level of strategy and fun! Available nationwide on Amazon and at neighborhood toy stores.