Dragons: Race To The Edge

New Adventures and Netflix

This post is part of my #StreamTeam series for Netflix about what we as a family are doing in the New Year.

Our Netflix Shot

This year is off to a great start around here. We are gearing up for a great year ahead. One new thing that we, or rather, I, am doing is a daily vlog. While the family is appearing on various videos we haven’t gone all out and made it a completely family vlog like one of my good friends, Annie of Stowed Stuff. She inspired me to start a daily vlog and so far I’ve done it every day since New Year’s Day. That is pretty good for a guy who consumes media way more than he makes media. But that is going to change over the course of the year. My goal is to vlog each day for 2016, something that completely doable. I started taking a photograph every day for a year in 2005 and I’m about to hit year 11 in April.

This month has also been about watching some shows on Netflix. For me, personally, I look for shows to watch during my break at work. I get an hour break and so pick an hour show to watch. This past month I watched Marco Polo and Sense8. Both shows are Netflix Originals and they are amazing. I can’t watch them with the family but I do enjoy them in the personal time that I have. I’m really looking forward to the new seasons of Daredevil, Longmire and the new show Luke Cage. I’m also looking forward to watching Orange is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with Allison.

Dragons: Race To The Edge

In the new year the kids have been excited about a new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge. They have loved Toothless and Hiccup so much ever since seeing How to Train Your Dragon. They even both have Toothless plushes from Build-A-Bear. Andrew has taken Toothless everywhere including a Teddy Bear Picnic. We’ve started watching the new season and the kids are having a great time with it. Other upcoming new seasons that we are looking forward to are DinoTrux and the new show, Dawn of The Croods. Dawn of The Croods is a new series based on the movie The Croods. It is another Netflix Original show.

Dawn of the Croods

So, what is ahead for us in 2016? Well, in addition to the vlog I am going to start flying a drone. We’re going to put together a Summer Bucket List of things to do and places to go which I hope will include a trip to Martha’s Vineyard. I also want to take the kids snowshoeing for the first time and do many more hikes and outdoor activities.

Netflix in 2016

Here’s to a 2016 of excitement and exploration, both in your viewing choices and your family activities.

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