Sunday Toy Shop – Soundwave

Photo-A-Day #2291

Sundays are some of the toughest days because I come home, go to church and then sleep. Today I slept from 10-5 with a wake up at noon.

When I got up I played a little with Eva and a couple of iPad Apps I got from the Evo conference. They were apps that I got from Sesame Street. I got Elmo Loves ABCs and Elmo’s Monster Maker. Eva had already played with the ABC app the other day and so we started with the monster maker. This was a pretty decent little app. Five different monsters come out. They have no eyes or noses and it is up to the kid to tap on the spot where the eyes go and choose a set of eyes. They also choose a nose and even get to pick a hat. Then they can play a little with the monster. Elmo interacts with the monster and the kid can interact with them too. Overall this app lost me quickly because it was pretty repetitive. Not a lot of choices.

The Elmo Loves ABCs app is much better because Eva can choose any of the 26 letters and each letter has three videos, she can trace the letter in uppercase and lowercase, she can do some coloring and so much more. This is an app that will keep Eva’s attention for a long time.

I really wanted to go to the house today and help I did need the sleep more. I’ll be back at the house tomorrow

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