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The Toy Whirlwind

Photo-A-Day #3136

This week I wrote a post over at the Cooper & Kid site. It was all about having too many toys or rather asking the question of, how many toys are too many. With my collections of toys and all the toys I have reviewed over the years, plus the kid’s toys things are getting pretty darn crowded, toy-wise. So, we have started going through the toys a bit and thinning them out. Continue reading The Toy Whirlwind

Activision Family Game Summit 2013

Photo-A-Day #3135

Today I took the train down to New York City to attend the Activision Family Game Summit. At last year’s Activision Family Game Summit I came down to NYC with the whole family and we had a fantastic time. The event was also excellent this year for entirely different reasons. I went down on my own this time and got to spend a lot of time with my friends Adam Cohen (DaDaRocks.com) and Jeff (OutWithTheKids.com). I’ve been down to events in New York for the past couple of months and haven’t had much time to really talk with these great guys. My last trip to NYC was a train ride fiasco and I totally missed spending any time with those guys but this trip we got to really hang out for a decent amount of time.

And.. I made sure that this time I got into some photos and we did some of those red carpet type ones.

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