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Who is your Celebrity Doppleganger?

Who is your Celebrity Doppleganger?
Photo-A-Day #1982

I got a great night’s sleep and ended up sleeping a little later than usual so sleep was awesome, how did I end up with a headache, I didn’t even do much drinking last night either. How is that possible? I was able to get my session posted online and get at least one post put up about the Thursday night VIP session. It is tough to keep up with the recaps while you are at a conference. There is just so much going on. I’ll try not to leave anything out.

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Test Driving a Chevy Corvette Convertible

At the Modern Media Man Conference I was able to test drive a Chevy Corvette hard top convertible. This was the last car that I drove on my “Fantasy Day” of test driving Chevy cars. This was one amazing ride. There was a heads up display and the option to do manual shifting (which I did not get the hang of) and the car was fast, very fast. I loved the ride and my co pilot was fun too. All the women and men of Chevy were fantastic to hang out with, I had so much fun.

I took the video camera along with me once again to capture the experience.

Chevrolet was an amazing sponsor for this event and I can’t thank them enough for supporting Dads and Dad Bloggers by being a sponsor.

Disclosure: – The video was shot on the versatile Kodak PlaySport camera that I received for free to film the Roger Williams Paddle back in July. I’ve quickly made it my favorite video camera and in a pinch still camera.