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Speed of Thought

The Comedy Cafe
Photo-A-Day #1385

Tonight I finally did something that I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. I finally went down to the Speed of Thought Players – Comedy Cafe. The reason that I’ve been wanting to do this is two-fold. I love comedy and want to be able to see comedy done in a venue that is close to home. This venue is a walk down the street from me. The second reason was that I am looking for a Tweetup place for local bloggers to go.

I went in and looked around the place as I’d driven by but never stopped before. Inside I met Tina, Mike and Ken. We talked about the venue, what they did there each week and the schedule of events. I then pitched them the idea of having a blogger night at the venue. I really want to start connecting with local bloggers and taking this whole social networking experience off the computer and into a location. They seemed interested in the idea and I began to talk to them more about social networking and how Twitter could be a big part of their business as well as Facebook and other means. They are on MySpace so that is a start.

The venue is very cool because it was decorated with recycled materials. They even have a player piano and a good stage area. Each week they have a workshop on improv that anyone can go to on Tuesdays, Thursday’s is open mic, Fridays is a “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” type event and Saturday is stand-up night. I think we might be able to work out a blogger night on one night during the week. The venue has what we would need for a blogger tweetup like food, beer, plenty of free parking and free wi-fi, I think those are some great options for a blogger tweetup. Also I asked about video taping, taking pictures as well and those are all fine too.

One thing that really stood out to me was that they used Moo cards and embedded them in the bar which in and of itself is cool but you have to see the artwork on the bar. I took some photos.

There are moo cards in the bar

And then I got some roasted Jalapenos and chips and nacho cheese. They were waiting for me to bite into a wicked hot one but they were all pretty mild. No heat but they were tasty.

Roasted Jalapenos, nachos and cheese

I think I’m going to go and check out the improv night tomorrow to see what it is all about.