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Cruising for Some Ice Cream

Photo-A-Day #2300

Tonight was the night of the annual downtown block party. Today was also a day of a ton of running around. I’m pretty sure that I worked on the house with Dad and I moved a bunch of stuff as well but I can’t remember exactly what we did. This move has taken a lot out of everyone and if I don’t write everything down each night then I miss a lot. Unfortunately I’m not as clear on what we did during the day. I know it involved working on the house, probably running to Lowe’s and more. I do however remember what we did at night. Continue reading Cruising for Some Ice Cream


Photo-A-Day #2213

Today I took Eva to the World War One Memorial Park and Zoo. This is a place that we will probably be visiting often throughout the summer. With me starting to me home more because of the new job I’ll be seeing a lot of this place. It is a really nice park to take kids. There is an area where there are farm animals like goats, horses and pigs. There is an area with slides, swings and more. Off to the side there is a ski area and as we were leaving I liked the view very much. I walked Eva over to that area to take a few pictures. I liked this one the most. Continue reading Contemplation