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Use Every Crayon Team Builder

Photo-A-Day #3318

Tonight I ran a team building exercise with my co-workers. I modified my “Use Every Crayon in the Box” project to use it with a group of people. I bought three Crayola giant sized coloring pages: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hot Wheels and Disney Fairies. Each person got to select one of the pages that they wanted to color. Once I explained the rules I gave everyone a crayon and turned on the one minute timer app on my phone. Every minute a sound would go off and I’d hand out the next crayon. I did this twice tonight, the second time around I colored one myself.

It was interesting to see how people approached this task. Some filled up their whole page halfway through the experiment and didn’t do much more. Others adapted to the concept right away and used all the crayons in so many fun ways. It was cool to see all the talent being shown by everyone.