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Review: Lady and the Tramp DVD & Blu-ray

Lady and The TrampToday Allison, Eva and I watched Lady and The Tramp on Blu-ray. We have watched the movie before as a family. that was when Eva was a three year old. She didn’t quite remember it but enjoyed watching it today. This was the first time that we tried a Blu-ray and a Second Screen app on the iPad. I wasn’t able to get it to work very well because we were chomping away on popcorn so the audio sync didn’t well and I couldn’t get BD Live to work either. However, once we were done with the movie I saw on the Bonus Features the option to sync with Second Screen. I wish I explored that first. But now I at least know how to do it for future movies.

We weren’t totally without use of Second Screen. You can use Second Screen manually and it was pretty fun playing with that app. There were options to play with flip books, color in characters and learn more about how the movie was made.

The movie is an impressive one especially when you realize that the characters were hand drawn. I enjoyed learning about how the animators studied dogs for the movie and how they developed the voices and character designs. The movie is truly a Disney classic that we are happy to have in our collection. You can get it for your own collection tomorrow February 7, 2012.

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