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Advent Dice Calendar

Advent Dice Calendar
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I had seen an advertizement on facebook for an advent dice calendar and thought that it would be a great advent calendar for Eva. so I bought one and well, it arrived 8 days into December. Not great but not terrible either. Looks like Eva has gone and opened a few of the windows already. I also picked one up for her friend Steven. Steven is the dungeon master for Eva’s weekly Dungeons and Dragons game. Although they have not played in months.

also picked up a LEGO friends advent calendar for Andy because Andy said that they wanted an Advent calendar this year. Getting one 8 days into December means slim pickins. It is much better than the one I got them 2 years ago from 5 Below. That was simply garbage. At least with the LEGO friends one Andy gets some cute LEGO animals for their collection.

Kids Back in School? Consider Dungeons and Dragons as a Learning Tool

Dungeons and Dragons T-Shirt

If you are a teacher of kids from grades 4-6 or 6-8 Wizards of the Coast has created a new initiative to provide educational materials for teachers so that they can incorporate Dungeons and Dragons into their lesson plans. This is very exciting and so useful, too. It also comes out to coincide with a brand new starter set being released.. Dungeons and Dragons is very popular with many celebrities playing it and it being featured in some very popular TV shows. Kids are learning more and more about it but they may have never played before. There are many benefits from playing and many educational moments to learn from while playing. This initiative will even provide schools, libraries and community centers and enrichment organizations with D&D Afterschool Kits that will include everything to start D&D clubs and meetups. I have a full press release below with all the information on the initiative. I would also like to point you towards the website where you can download many resources to help you start incorporating D&D into your lessons as well. Dungeons & Dragons Build an Adventure

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