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Brand, Brand, Brand!

Brand, Brand, Brand!
Photo-A-Day #1419

I’m going brand crazy lately because I am so excited about my upcoming new Blog design. Yes, my blog is being redesigned by someone really cool. I don’t have the design to share with you, yet. But, I do have the new logo. I’ve been reading about branding and getting your brand out in front of everyone. So I stopped calling this blog The BenSpark and shortened it to BenSpark.com.

People seem to know me as Ben. When I go to conventions people call me Ben. So I am known as Ben Spark. That works for me, it works for this blog. For the past 5 years I have commented on blogs all over the place under the name BenSpark. So my brand is out there. But I’m still not making it personal enough. I started the branding overhaul by personalizing my Twitter Account. If you are on twitter it is crucial that you create your own background and you brand it. Make it personal and let people know who you are.

I began to think about blog conferences and blogger events. Bloggers like Shoemoney and John Chow have T-shirts that they give away. Other bloggers have their brands out and about as well. So I decided to step it up and put my brand out there too. I already have my “I’m Not A Famous Blogger” T-Shirt and I also decided to buy some baseball hats and have the new logo embroidered onto the hats. I haven’t done that step yet but hopefully they will look as sweet as the mockup I created from these photos that I took with my Xshot today.

I have some other branding related ideas for swag and as they happen I’ll talk about them but I don’t like revealing much about this until I actually have items in hand. But if you are heading to IZEAFest or Affiliate Summit East you may get a chance to pick up some BenSpark.com swag. I’m going to have some good stuff too!

Okay, so what do you think of the hats? I personally like the flames but Allison says they are a bit redneck. However, I don’t care, I like flames, I love em on motorcycles, my Harley shirts and even on Optimus Prime (I’m sure my Transformers lifelong fan status might be revoked just for thinking that). But I’d like to hear that you folks have to say. Let me know what you think of the logo, the hats the colors. Which color is your favorite?