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Back with a Mac(Book)

Photo-A-Day #1906

Today I left Park City Utah and the Evolution of Women in Social Media conference. I slept in as much as I could but my body gets me up at 6:00am no matter what. So I was awake and I decided ot start going through all the photos that I uploaded to Flickr the night before and write up each one with links to my Evo’10 posts. It really helped to identify people by shooting their nametags after I took their photo with EvaBear. I will certainly look to do that at future conferences.
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1st WordPressPVD MeetUp

wordpress providence
Photo-A-Day #1844

Tonight I went to an event that I have been so excited to attend for a long time. I attended the first WordPress Providence MeetUp. The reason I was so excited was that I’ve only done events in Boston and it is great to be able to go to an event in my own backyard and meet and network with people who, again, are in my own backyard. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some fantastic people in Boston however it is the driving to and getting around Boston that is the issue (Oh and did I mention FREE parking, not some $30 rip off (I don’t know how to park in Boston)). For Providence I just zipped on down 95 and then two or three turns and I was at McFadden’s. Continue reading 1st WordPressPVD MeetUp