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Fourth of July 2021

Fourth of July Night
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It was a different sort of Fourth of July this year. For the second year in a row there were no fireworks off the beach but there were plenty of illegal fireworks set up that it made up for the town not firing them off.

The day started with a Classic car ride with ym dad. We toured through Falmouth and into Cotuit and Osterville. He has a corvette and we drove with the top down despite it being a pretty cloudy and cool day. There was about 4 minutes of sunshine but that was about it. It was a nice ride, though. I used my drone and my Go Pro Hero MAX on the drive and to make today’s video.

When we got back from the ride there was no local parade, either. It was too chilly to go to the beach so we hung out at the house. We had a nice meal together and then watched some of the illegal fireworks all over the place. We took a nice walk on the beach that night and the sky was incredible. That was before the fireworks.

Andy amused himself by waving the flag on the front porch. He kept count of the waves and honks he was getting. He was quite proud of himself.

Waving the flag

I did make a vlog today and it has lots of different footage.

Fourth of July 2018 Recap

The Grandkids at the Dartmouth Ave Parade

Our annual trip down to the Cape for the Fourth of July holiday was a success. We came down on Tuesday morning in a heavy fog. It was so foggy that we could not see the Bourne Bridge until we were on it. The fog burned off later on though and we were able to enjoy a great day at the beach. We followed that with pizza for dinner on the sunporch. Then we went over to a family friend’s house for July 3rd party where the kids had some other kids to play with and also their cousins.

Yesterday, we went to the annual Dartmouth Ave Parade where the kids enjoyed the entertainment and Andrew got up to tell a joke. what a difference a year makes. This year he ran on up to the table and hopped up, took the microphone and confidently told his jokes.

Telling jokes at the #DartmouthAveParade

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