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My Latest Comic Book Haul

Comic Book Haul
Photo-A-Day #4384

On the Way to Brian’s house to film Built from Bricks I stopped at my local comic book store, Wild Time Comics. I guess I hadn’t been in a while because I had a whole bunch of comics to pick up. I got home late from Brian’s and hadn’t filmed anything so it is a Comic Book Haul Video!

Catching up on Comic Books at Wild Time Comics

Hot Wheels, Comics and Pop Rocks
Photo-A-Day #4228

I went to my comic book store today. I hadn’t been in a while and so I had a whole stack of comics waiting for me. I would have gone to Halloween ComicFest but I was way behind on sleep. This year they had a Tardis and it has become incorporated into the shop. I asked if I could make a video in the store today. When I got home I go through the comics that I picked up and the ones that Randy gave me from Halloween ComicFest.

I also unbox the two Marvel Character cars that I found the other day. I found Green Goblin and Spider-Man 2099. There are a few more that I am looking for like Punisher and Doctor Strange.

When I went to Five Below I picked up some Pop Rocks for a future video with the kids.

After today’s video I have a couple of special activity buttons from shows on Netflix.

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