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Halloween ComicFest Haul

With the Moody Foodie
Photo-A-Day #4581

Today was Halloween ComicFest. This is a yearly event that occurs at comic book shops all over. I go to Wild Time Comics in South Attleboro. Randy and the family do an amazing job setting up the place for the event. This year my friend Laura was at the event promoting her book, the Moody Foodie. I picked up a copy and it is hilarious and filled with some delicious recipes. She had some samples at the event and they were very tasty. Continue reading Halloween ComicFest Haul

August’s #LootCrate #Unboxing : Anti-Hero

Loot Crate Anti-Hero
Photo-A-Day #4152

Each month I receive a free LootCrate to review. Opinions are, as always, 100% my own.

I really liked this crate. This one had some great stuff from Harley Quinn, Archer, Hellboy, World of Warcraft and Kill Bill. The only thing on that list I’m not much of a fan of is Kill Bill. I never watched that movie so it isn’t really something I have much to say about.

I really like Archer and the shirt definitely captures one of the more fun recurring callbacks of the show. Also, perfectly timed for the Election Season.

The Hellboy item is also cool, but I won’t be saving much in it. It is a bank of Hellboy’s hand. It isn’t that large, certainly not Hellboy-sized, but it can hold a couple of bucks.

The Loot Pin is a World of Warcraft one and the incentive for that this time is for a bunch of online game packs as part of the overall game, for new players only. I may just give it a try.

There is also a great statue of Harley Quinn from Batman: the Animated Series, included. Such a nice sculpture of Harley and one of her Hyenas, not sure if it is Bud or Lou.

You can see everything in the video below.