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Unboxing June 2017 Loot Crate: ALTER EGO

Loot Crate June 2017 Alter Ego
Photo-A-Day #4454

I truly love unboxing Loot Crate every month. Now that I’ve been let go from the influencer program and I am paying for the crates myself I am glad to see that this month’s crate contained pretty much 100% things that I love. Inside were the items seen above from Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, DC comics and of course.. Transformers. I love the Optimus Prime T-shirt.

Next month will be my last month with Loot Crate. I paid for a 3 month program and am not re-upping. I’ve got to cut back somewhere and while I love these fun knick-knacks and exclusive cool stuff, I’m out of room for it. I’m going to stick with one thing and keep that, trying to focus more. That being said, I do still love Loot Crate and if you are interested in it please use my affiliate link and promo code. it helps me out big time. Who knows if I actually start making sales they might reinstate me. I am an Affiliate for Loot Crate and you can order Loot Crate through my link and use the promo code BENSPARK for a discount. https://benspark.com/LootCrateDX

My First Non-Influencer Loot Crate Unboxing Guardians May 2017 Crate

Loot Crate Guardians
Photo-A-Day #4425

I bought this Loot Crate, this is the first one that I have purchased in four years. I had been an influencer up until last month. It was a great gig. I started promoting Loot Crate when the company came on the scene. In that time they have grown into a tremendous company with several different crates. I always had a core crate sent to me for free to unbox and promote. The thing is, I didn’t change with the times. I did not switch from promotion to selling. I guess I kept thinking of Loot Crate as this small operation that needed people like me to promote it. But it exploded and there are tons of people doing unboxings and bringing in sales. I do not do that as well. I have an affiliate link https://benspark.com/LootCrateDX and a promo code that saves you on your purchases. That is BENSPARK at Checkout.

I wanted the Q-Fig of Rocket and Groot from this Crate so I bought a 3 month subscription.

This month’s crate was pretty sweet. It had items from Guardians of the Galaxy, Destiny, Star Wars and The Goonies, plus the pin was Avatar the Last Airbender. Here is the full unboxing.