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Dinner with High School Friends

dinner with HS Friends
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It really like that I work from home most of the time now. It allows me to take a couple of hours here and there to do things that I would have had to miss only a year ago. Case in point was tonight. A friend of mine from High School posted on Facebook that he would be in town and would like to meet up for drinks with anyone from our class who was local. I was able to take a couple of hours of PTO to go out and have dinner with him and three other friends.

It was nice to catch up with people that I had spent four very important years with. I loved High School and the friends that I made there. I got along with most everyone for the most part and catching up after many years is so much fun. We laughed, told stories and got caught up on the highlights of the past 30 years. Wow.

Tonight Andy went to a Parent’s Night Out at ABD. It was zombie survival training. I dropped him off before catching up with my friends and picked him up afterwards. He was having fun. They were playing the last game of the night, Green Light, Dead Light. When it was green light they could walk but when it was dead light they had to drop to the ground and pretend to be dead so as not to get caught by the Zombie. Mr. Kyle was Survival Dave complete with an accent, cowboy hat and beard. It was very funny. Andy had a great time.

Boneyard Lunch With A Great Friend

Lunch at Boneyard
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We had a great lunch at Boneyard BBQ today with our great friend Meghan. Meghan and I went to high school together and it has been several years since we last saw each other. She was home for a little while and was able to come out with us to lunch so that we could catch up. We did a lot of catching up on each other’s lives and it was a great time. We spent several hours talking about everything under the sun as we enjoyed some amazing wings. Meghan was impressed with my selection of a combination of buffalo bacon and buffalo blue cheese sauces for my wings. We also split some curly fries and enjoyed dipping those into the sauce as well. We look forward to her next visit coming this November. It was such a nice time to spend together. Luckily Eva was at the Cape and Andy was at Karate camp because both kids get freaked out by the d├ęcor of the place. The tables are covered in concert posters and some have skulls and other things on them that freaked them out. Although we did find a green day one to send to Eva and she liked that.