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Now Even More Disney Movies are Streaming on Netflix! #StreamTeam

I Cant Hear You

As I am currently binging on the 5th season of Longmire, my favorite show on Netflix, I have been remiss in posting my monthly #StreamTeam Post. And there is a ton to post about. The biggest news is that Netflix is the place for streaming Disney movies. From the newest animated releases like Zootopia to compelling dramas like The Finest Hours, Netflix will be where you will go from now on to see the latest from Disney. In addition, many classic Disney moves have made their way to Netflix as well, like one of my all time favorites, Robin Hood.

Andrew and I watched Zoootopia when it was released on Netflix because he loved that movie. We shared a couple of snacks as we watched but next time we are going to try these couple of snacks to enjoy as we watch. I have a Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe and a Walking Taco Recipe for you to download and enjoy, too. In addition to the Disney movies that are available to stream on Netflix there are also movies like one of my all time favorites, Footloose. There is also another new animated show, Kulipari which has some great voice talent.

The Finest Hours Footloose Holes
Kulipari Mulan II Zootopia
Tarzan Robin Hood Pirates of the Caribbean

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