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Happy 90th Birthday, Grandpa Rick

Grandpa Rick and his kids
Photo-A-Day #4168

My Grandfather, Rick Williams turned 90 on September 7th and we celebrated that momentous occasion today. So many memories over his lifetime. My Uncles, Mom and Aunt gave him a great party. There were a bunch of posters hanging up with photos from over the years. There were also many photos of Grandpa from his days as a Horse Trainer, Owner and Jockey. There were photos of him spinning pewter, singing karaoke and more. I try to highlight all of them in a video montage. I also look at some photos that mean a lot to me and talk about them. It was a nice day to celebrate my grandfather. He and my grandmother are the source of my Transformers addiction, fond memories of being a kid on a lake and more.

We celebrated my Grandpa Rick’s 90th birthday today with a large family party. The party was at my Uncle Rich’s house. He had a bunch of tents, plenty of food and family. All the grandkids and great-grandkids were there, and even our newest addition to the family, although she was sleeping for the photo. We played in the pools, (kiddie pool, regular pool and hot tub), had great food and celebrated Grandpa.

I took grandpa aside and did a little mini interview with him before things really got going. Then I went through all the photos that were all around the yard. There were collages and also many photos of grandpa when he was a horse trainer. Then I put everything in today’s vlog.