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2 New Mystery T-Shirts from RIPT Apparel

Photo-A-Day #4373

I picked up two tshirts from RIPT Apparel for my birthday. I usually purchase my birthday presents and then Allison wraps them for me. My problem is, I see something I want and I buy it. I buy tshirts when I like the designs. I liked these two designs from RIPT Apparel and had to buy them. One for everyday and one specifically for Philly Brickfest LIVE. I can’t wait to wear my LEGO themed shirts there! So many fun ones.

Don’t forget, I am an affiliate for Ript Apparel and you can help me out by using my affiliate link to visit them and buy great shirts from their site. My link is https://benspark.com/TurtleHide

Which Hand is More Dangerous?

Photo-A-Day #3571

The other day I placed an order through Toys R Us. They were running a special on Disney Infinity figures and I got Baymax, Hiro and Venom. I had a coupon so I grabbed an Amiibo character as well. I picked up Link. In order to get free shipping I had to put in another small item so I got a series 13 LEGO minifig. I was hoping for the Hot Dog guy but ended up with a goblin. I took a photo of it. I liked what it looked like but I liked my Rocket Raccoon minifig better. The little Groot is a funny touch.